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A rare large « murrine » blown glass turkey figurine standing on bronze feet.

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Blown glass turkey with lattimo murrine, lattimo and crystal decoration, coral glass head, patinated bronze feet.

Designer : Toni Zuccheri
Manufacturer : Venini
H 16 2/4in. x W 20in. x D 7in.
H 42cms x W 51cms x D 18cms
Markings: Stamped two lines “Venini 100/89"
Iridescent head, we love the details of her neck !
All photos copyright Ludovic Vandenweghe for Unforget.eu

Toni Zuccheri


Toni Zuccheri was born in 1936 in the province of Udine, he inherited from his father passion for animals while seeing him at work, His father was an animal painter.

He begins architecture studies in 1960 with masters at school as Franco Albini, Iganzio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa.

Animal is a recurrent theme in Zuccehri’s work, particularly birds.

Toni explored at Venini forms, techniques and colors with highly valuable techniques such as murine.

He later worked for other manufactures such as VeArt and Barovier.

Toni died in 2008.

Photo from Venini archives

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