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UD12_80 A fish in a fish, blown glass sculpture, Antonio da Ros, Cenedese Murano (Italy) - 0019

Ref : UD12_80

Fish in a fish by Antonio da Ros- Blown glass sculpture – Cenedese Murano

Antonio da Ros

5 500,00 €

Glass sculpture “Sommerso” designed by Antonio da Ros for Cenedese Murano in 1962 and presented during the XXXI Venice Biennale. Antonio da Ros used the Sommerso technique to create this glass sculpture. It represents a fish lodging itself in another fish. The inner fish is mainly dark pink but its colour becomes lighter to form the tail of the bigger fish and the shape of the sculpture itself. An air bubble represents its eyes. The body of the main fish is represented by a gradient of green and blue-coloured glass, itself submerged in light green coloured glass. The eyes are represented by an air bubble and an inclusion of orange glass. A royal blue triangle separates the two fish. Like many old pieces edited by Cenedese, the sculpture is not signed. We contacted Ars Cenedese who kindly confirmed the authenticity of the work and whom we thank. Cenedese also notified the great rarity of this model.


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Very good condition.

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Height: 4 in. (10,5 cm)
Width: 14.25 in. (36 cm)
Depth: 2.75 in. (7 cm)

5 500,00€

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