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Necklace by Line Vautrin – black talosel incrusted ocean blue mirrors – France


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Technical informations

Artist: Line Vautrin Manufacturer: Line Vautrin
Period: 1960-1969 You should know:  It bears the “Joux” stamp. Very good condition
Dia.: 13 3/4 in. (35 cm)

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About this black talosel necklace inlaid with ocean blue mirrors by Line Vautrin

The necklace has a double row of pastilles at the front, the lower row is decorated with 5 oval-shaped "drops".
The various elements in Talosel, a material invented by Line Vautrin, are united by a steel attachment structure.
The necklace is in very good condition. It bears the "JOUX" stamp.
Line Vautrin liked to sign certain stamp objects bearing the inscription of diminutives. We find this "JOUX" stamp on some "BI-JOUX" and the "ROI" stamp on some "miROIrs".
Manufactured by Line Vautrin workshops in the decade of the 1960s.
Talosel is a material invented by Line Vautrin in the mid-1950s.
The material is made up of superimposed layers of resin which will be shaped by fire, scarified and encrusted with different pieces or shards of colored mirrors.
We find a fairly varied palette of colors, gold, bronze, silver, red, blue, green, pink, purple, bronze, amber ...
The name comes from the technical term "elaborated cellulose acetate".
The shape of the mirrors were obtained using a pattern, so the dimensions for similar models are similar.
Once the shape was obtained, the mirror was hot scarified and the front side received an always hot inlay of pieces of mirrors following the artist's inspiration.