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De la poudre et des bals by Line Vautrin - Gilt bronze armband - 01

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De la poudre et des bals ! by Line Vautrin – Gilt bronze armband

Line Vautrin

5 000,00 €

De la poudre et des bals by Line Vautrin (Powder and balls ! Line Vautrin) is a two-way message imagined by Line Vautrin on the eve of the Second World War.
The first message evoked the powder from a compact to go out at night to the ball, the second is gunpowder and bullets from the same gun.
“Powder and balls” therefore means the party and the ball that women could (finally) attend after the war.

De la poudre et des bals ! by Line Vautrin was made in 1940-1950

Cuff bracelet in gilded bronze composed of two parts of identical dimensions. Thanks to this object, Line Vautrin sends a message to women to start enjoying life again after the war.

She counts Françoise Sagan, Ingrid Bergman and Yves Saint Laurent among her clients. Overwhelmed by management problems, she closed her shop in 1962. With her daughter, she opened a school, teaching her art and techniques there. Her students are as much women wishing to fill their free time as craftsmen in search of new techniques. In the early 1980s, she decided to close the school and retired to a small apartment where she continued to create her works which she sold little by little. The fortuitous meeting, a few years later, with a London collector, David Gill, will be, in a way, providential to him. David Gill plays a leading role in the rediscovery of Line Vautrin. He organizes exhibitions all over the world which allows Line to travel a lot – something she had never allowed herself to do before.

De la poudre et des bals by Line Vautrin is in very good condition with patina due to age and use, you can find the LV signature inside the bracelet.

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Signed by stamping L.V.
Very good condition. Patina due to age and use.

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Line Vautrin
Line Vautrin

Height: 2 1/2 in. (6,5 cm)
Width: 2 in. (5 cm)
Depth: 4 1/4 in. (11 cm)
Internal diameter: 2 1/4 in. (5,5 cm)
Weight: 132 grams

5 000,00€

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