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Fazzoletto handkerchief vase by Fulvio Bianconi – light gray and white zanfirico glass – Venini Murano Italy


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Technical informations

Artist: Fulvio Bianconi Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 1950-1959 You should know: 
Acid signed “Venini Murano Italia”. Very good condition.

Height : 12 in. (30,5 cm)| Width : 11.75 in. (30 cm) | Depth : 11.75 in. (29,8cm)

Other information (if any):

About "Fazzoletto" by Fulvio Bianconi

This "Fazzoletto" (handkerchief) vase is in light gray and white two-tone Zanfirico glass.
Our exmple, designed in 1951 and manufactured in the decade of the 50s is referenced in the Venini archives under number 4215, has a maximum height of 30cms. It is in very good condition, with its usual patina under the base and is signed with the acid signature "venini murano italia".
The “Fazzoletti” series is one of the most emblematic series of glass production in Murano. In the early 1950s, the shape became one of the emblems of Venini, which has never ceased production of the model.
The shape of this vase is representative of the start of production (end of the 1940s, first part of the 1950s).
Fulvio Bianconi imagined the “Fazzoletti” because he wanted to pay homage and reinterpret the very famous “Cartoccio” vase, designed in the 1930s by Pietro Chiesa for FontanaArte.
The "Fazzoletti" were produced in very varied sizes but also in various techniques, in transparent glass, sometimes iridescent or even corroded with acid, in "incamiciato" glass, with polychrome canes or even in "zanfirico" glass. , reminiscent of the lacework of the Venice region.