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Forato Vase by Fulvio Bianconi (model 4517) – Venini Murano – Italy

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Technical informations

Artist: Fulvio Bianconi Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 1950-1959 You should know:
Acid signed in 3 lines “venini murano italia”
Very good condition.

Height: 6 ¼ in. (16 cm)| Width: 10 in. (25.4 cm) | Depth: 3 in. (7.6 cm)

Other information (if any):

About Forato Vase (model 4517) by Fulvio Bianconi

The “Forati” series owes its name to the holes that are drilled by a torch during the production process. A design imagined by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini at the start of his collaboration, precisely in 1951. This series with flexible lines, reminiscent in certain points of Scandinavian design, borrows subtle color tones identified by unusual names (“grass”, “foliage”, “ocean”, “feather”…). 

These works are also called "Moore Vases", in reference to sculptor Henry Moore. 

We present to you one of the less common shapes from this series, it is a vase with two mouths, one of which is blind, the top being perforated by a hole. The green glass underlined by an orange layer is itself inserted in a thick layer of transparent glass, using the sommerso technique. 

The vase is in excellent condition, shows some scratches from use. Designed in 1951, listed in the Venini archives under the reference 4517, this vase was produced in the decade of the 1950s and bears the acid stamp on three lines "venini murano italia". 

The model was also exhibited at the Frankfurt Autumn Fair in 1951.