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J’ai grand appétit de vous by Line Vautrin – gilded bronze box – France

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Technical informations

Artist: Line Vautrin Manufacturer: Line Vautrin
Period: 1950-1959 You should know: Signed by stamping two line “LINE VAUTRIN”.
Very good condition.
Height: 1.25 in. (3 cm)| Width: 3.25 in. (8 cm)| Depth: 2.75 in. (7 cm)| Weight: 244g
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About "J'ai grand appétit de vous" by Line Vautrin

Among the objects created by Line Vautrin, the rebus boxes have always been very successful and this "J'ai grand appétit de vous" by Line Vautrin gilded bronze box is really magic.
Explaining "J’ai grand appétit de vous" in English is a difficult exercise, but we tried to do it for you:
The lid of this box is formed by a large "G", which gives us "G grand" (“grand” meaning “large” in French) whose rebus can be translated as "J’ai grand".
In the center of the lid, there is a "small a" which we can translate as "a petit" (“petit” meaning “small” in French).
On the the "G", “vous” is written twice, which gives us “deux vous” (“deux” meaning “two” in French).
Line Vautrin imagined a rebus that we can translate by the following sentence in French "G grand, a petit, deux vous" which gives "J’ai grand appétit de vous". This means “I have a great appetite for you”.
It is a love-related object, quite rare in its box version and a little more common in its compact version.
A beautiful message to offer to your love, that he or she will probably be the only one to understand...
Manufactured in the decade of the 1950s, the box is in very good original condition, made in gilded bronze. It is signed "LINE VAUTRIN" by stamping on two lines.
Line Vautrin started working on her first creations, which were bracelets, at the age of 21.
Throughout her career, she mainly created mirrors in Talosel and bronze works.
She rent a stand at the Universal Exhibition of 1937. This event enabled her to gain popularity and so diversify her production: she started creating jewellery, bag clasps, belt buckles,...
Line Vautrin is today admitted a major player in post-war French decorative arts.