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Gabbiano  by Toni Zuccheri (seagull) – Murano glass sculpture placed on bronze feet – Venini – Italy


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Technical informations

Artist: Toni Zuccheri Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 1980-1989 You should know: The bronze base is marked by a dot bearing the inscription “Venini”, “TZ”, “82”, “20”.
Very good condition.
Height: 9.75 in. (25 cm)| Width: 13 in. (33 cm)| Depth: 5 in. (13 cm)
Other information (if any):

About Gabbiano by Toni Zuccheri

By the end of 1961, Toni Zuccheri began his collaboration with Venini by drawing vases. An example is the “Tronchi” series, which creations draw one’s inspiration from tree trunks or even the “Scolpiti” series, a set of vases and bottles pure in colour crossed by a line of clear glass.  Alongside his work on vases, Toni imagines a series of sculptures named “Bestiaro” (“Bestiary”).
Gabbiano is part of this splendid succession. It represents a seagull made by an arrangement of a multitude of hot-moulded glass canes, blown to form the body of the bird. It was then applied to bronze feet, where a few fish were added.  The seagull’s legs were painted in red. Its beak is coral red and its eyes were made of two hot-applied murrines.  This sculpture is in very good condition. It was manufactured in 1982. The bronze base is marked by a dot bearing the inscription “Venini”, “TZ”, “82” and “20”.  Zuccheri often was inspired by the animals and the nature of his surrounding environment.