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Inciso bottled vase by Paolo Venini – Venini – Italy


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Technical informations

Artist: Paolo Venini Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 1950-1959 You should know: Signed with 3 lines acid stamp “venini murano Italia” ; venini old label at bottom 
Height: 16.75 in. (42,5 cm)|Diameter: 5 in. (12,5 cm)
Other information (if any):

About this "inciso" bottled vase, know as model number 4815 "erba" color variation by Paolo Venini

Large bottle in “erba” color variation, (pale green and straw-colored glass finished with horizontal light grinding over the whole surface of the vase).
Very interesting almost feminine shape, huge size.

Incisi series is one of the most representative productions of Paolo Venini in the latter half of the 1950’s notable for their characteristic shades of color and various shapes influenced by Scandinavian design.

Designed 1956
3 lines acid stamp “venini murano italia”
Venini old label at bottom

Exhibited during the 28th Biennale of Venice in 1956.