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La reconnaissance est la mémoire du cœur by Line Vautrin – silvered bronze box enhanced with hot enamel – France


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Technical informations

Artist: Line Vautrin Manufacturer: Line Vautrin
Period: 1950-1959 You should know: It is signed with a “LINE VAUTRIN” stamping at the back. Very good condition and has a patina.
Height: 1 1/4 in. (3 cm)| Length: 5.25 in. (13.5 cm) | Width: 3 2/4 in. (9 cm)
Weight: 650g

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About "La reconnaissance est la mémoire du cœur" box by Line Vautrin

Iconic box in silvered bronze, the cover inscribed with the message La reconnaissance est la mémoire du Coeur (Recognition is the memory of the heart).
The cover is completely decorated with hot enamel in white, red and blue colors. Hearts drawn in the bars that separate the different words of the sentence, a heart is also present in the letter "o" of the word heart.
Very rare box with a "pop art" spirit. Unique design in the artist’s work.

Manufactured around 1950, the box is in beautiful original condition with its use patina. The interior is lined with cork.
The back of the case bears the signature "LINE VAUTRIN" by stamping.