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Les poissons jumeaux by Line Vautrin – gilded bronze necklace – France

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Technical informations

Artist: Line Vautrin Manufacturer: Line Vautrin
Period: 1950-1959 You should know:  Signed by stamping “L.V.” and “LINE VAUTRIN” on two lines
Very good original condition
Width: 5 in. (13 cm)| Depth: 8 in. (20,5 cm)| Int. dia.: 4.92 in (12,4 cm)
Weight: 82g

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About Les poissons jumeaux by Line Vautrin

Necklace made up of two rigid parts surrounding the neck.
The front part is decorated with large links. In its centre is represented a hook on which seems to hang a large bronze element depicting two twin fish.
This iconic necklace from the work of Line Vautrin was seen worn by Victoria Beckham.
Manufactured around 1950, this piece of jewellery is in very good original condition with a patina of use.
Line Vautrin started working on her first creations, which were bracelets, at the age of 21.
Throughout her career, she mainly created mirrors in Talosel and bronze works. 
She rent a stand at the Universal Exhibition of 1937. This event enabled her to gain popularity and so diversify her production: she started creating jewellery, bag clasps, belt buckles,...
Line Vautrin is today admitted a major player in post-war French decorative arts.