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Upupa by Toni Zuccheri – Murano glass sculpture on bronze feet – Venini – Italy

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Technical informations

Artist: Toni Zuccheri Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 1960-1969 You should know: Signed on the bronze base with a dot “venini – TZ – 2002”
Very good condition.
Dimensions (cm): 
Height: 16 in. (40,5 cm)| Width: 15.75 in. (40 cm) | Depth: 18 in. (46 cm)
Other information (if any): 

About Upupa by Toni Zuccheri

Large glass sculpture in red, clear and black coloured glass. The glass is applied in successive layers on a gilded bronze structure. Upupa represents a hoopoe. It was imagined in 1964 by Toni Zuccheri when he collaborated with Venini for the development of a series of sculptures representing birds. This series called « Bestiario » also includes backyard birds, guinea fowl, roosters, chickens and wild birds. Upupa is the most spectacular bird of the series, and without a doubt the most difficult to manufacture.  Venini has been producing it in excessively limited series since 1964, when the model was created. Venini reported us to produce 1 to 2 pieces a year on average basis. 

Our copy is in excellent condition. It is signed on the bronze base with a dot on which we can read the inscription « venini – TZ – 2002 », 2002 being the production year.

Toni graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Venise, where he learned from various great artists including Ignazio Gardella, Franco Albini and Carlo Scarpa. He is the instigator of many experiments on glass. He was the first person to mix pasty glass with raw materials such as copper, mineral pigments, murrines and even bronze.  Usually rare and difficult to make, Toni Zuccheri’s creations occupy an important and established place in Venini’s production