Gabriella Crespi

( 1922 Saronno IT – 2017 Milano IT )

“Gabriella Crespi is a key figure in Italian creativity and offers us a perspective of contemporary artistic languages through a free, passionate but poetic point of view.”

Gherardo Crespi

Gabriella Crespi is an italian decorator and designer associated to « hippie chic » taste of the seventies.

She studied achitecture in Milan (polytechnical school) and was a great admirer of the work of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.

In 1945 she married Giuseppe Maria Crespi, whose family was owner of the newspaper « Corriere della Serra », they have two children, Betty and Gherardo.

Gabriella designed unique, limited editions of fine furniture, sculpture, decorative arts, jewelry and flatware for nearly thirty years, and is well known for her use of high quality, contrasting materials in her multifunctional designs.

Her work is closer to the work of « Les lalanne » for the animals, Willy Rizzo (F), Pierre Cardin (F) and Paul Evans (US).

She counts among her clients Grace Kelly, Gunther Sachs, Shah of Iran.

Associated with the 1970’s she saw her rating drop in the 1990’s before regaining interest of collectors in the 2000’s for its inimitable style highly representative of this beautiful era.

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