Carlo Scarpa

( 1906 – 1978 )

Carlo Scarpa is an Italian architect and designer.

After studying architecture in Venice, Carlo Scarpa has direct connections with glassmaking in Murano, Cappelin at first, where he took on the responsibility of artistic director.


In 1933 he came into contact with Paolo Venini.

Fourteen years of intense and fruitful collaboration will follow, during which Carlo will exploit the immense possibilities of glass.

Glass will stimulate in him a constant search for detail.

Carlo was also the scenographer of the Venice Biennale for more than 30 years.

As an architect, he excelled in the restoration of museums and show-rooms of Italian manufacturers such as the headquarters of Gavina or the show-room of Olivetti on Saint Marc’s in Venice (still accessible to the public today).

Tobia Scarpa, Carlo’s son collaborates with Venini after Word War II.

Olivetti Show Room on Piazza San Marco Venezia
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