Space age Crystal Drinking Glasses

Joe Colombo

reference COD03_35

Space age crystal seventies drinking glasses

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A truly historic collection, the first ever produced by Arnolfo di Cambio, signed by the great designer. Drinking glasses with an asymmetric form, from the Smoke series can be held with just one finger, so that one can hold a cigarette while drinking. This is especially useful for standing parties, where there are no free surfaces to put the glass down... Or simply if you want to hold something other than a cigarette !

Designer : Joe Colombo
Manufacturer : Arnolfo Di Cambio
Circa 1964
The sets consist of a medium, a large and a flute.
Medium - height 12 cm - diameter 7 cm (white or red wine)
Large - height 13,7 cm - diameter 7 cm (red wine or water)
Flute - height 17,9 cm - diameter 4,3 cm (Champagne)
Markings : Signed "Arnolfo Di Cambio"
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Joe Colombo
Space age Crystal Drinking Glasses
REF COD03_35
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