Fluted vase

Vittorio Zecchin

reference B10_77

A Vintage Vittorio Zecchin (attr.) Venini Murano blown glass fluted vase

unforget says

A vintage fluted decorated vase attriubuted to Vittorio Zecchin and produced by Venini Murano in Italy.

Designer: Vittorio Zecchin
Manufacturer: Venini
H 10.44 in. x W 5.01 in. x D 3.94 in.
H 26.5 cm x W 12.7 cm x D 10 cm
Acid stamped Venini Murano Italia
This vase has been blown between 1950 and 1965 (period during 3 lines acid stamp was used).
you should know
Very good to excellent vintage condition

Vittorio Zecchin
Fluted vase
REF B10_77
Photos: Ludovic Vandenweghe - unforget Decorative Arts