A large « sommerso » vase

Luciano Gaspari

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« Sommerso » - Exceptional colors
Excellent execution

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Large and heavy vase, perfect « sommerso » technique
Circa 1960 !

Designer : Luciano Gaspari
Manufacturer : Salviati
Dimensions: Height : 20 3/4 inch - 53 cms - Width 8 inch - 20 cms
Unsigned (Vintage Salviati are unsigned)
you should know
Excellent vintage condition

Luciano Gaspari
A large « sommerso » vase
REF 1701_3
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Luciano Gaspari (1913 – 2007)

Painter and glass designer.
Artistic Director of Salviati from 1968.

Lucian Gaspari was born in Venice from a family of decorators in 1913.
In 1932 he wins the painting price of the XVII Venice Biennale and will concourse on following Venice Biennale in this category.

He presents first glass pieces from 1958.
In 1964 he takes part in the Industrial Design exhibition at the MoMA in New York city.
Luciano became artistic director of the Salviati in 1968.

Luciano died in Venice in 2007.


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