A sommerso sasso corroso sculpture vase

Alfredo Barbini

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A sommerso sculpture vase by Alfredo Barbini.

unforget says

Nice sculpture vase, mouth blown glass , brown glass incased in thick clear glass, hole pierced to top, entire body corroded by acid bath.

Designer: Alfredo Barbini
H 6 2/4 in. x W 7 in. x D 2 in.
H 16,5 cm x W 17,5 cm x D 5 cm
Unsigned (common for Old Barbini pieces) - Published in numerous books on Italian Art Glass.
All photos copyright Ludovic Vandenweghe for Unforget.eu

Alfredo Barbini

( 1912 – 2007 )


Alfredo, a Murano glass artist was born in 1912 on the island of Murano.

He is recognized as one of the leading figure of twentieth century glass art.

His parents were members of a family with a long past of glassmaking and beads industry on the island.

Alfredo began his very long career aged of 13.

He became master glass blower in 1929 and joined Zecchin Martinuzzi in a first time and later Seguso Vetri d’Arte.

After world war II, Barbini worked as a collaborator of Archimede Seguso and Napoleone Martinuzzi, before becoming a partner of Vetreria Vistosi and later Cenedese.

In 1950 Barbini opens his own “furnace” helped by the company Salviati whith whom he collaborates as a supplier.

Barbini exhibited his works at the Venice biennales from 1950 to 1961.

Alfredo Barbini
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