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« A doppio incalmo » strong colors !

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Nice strong colors blue, black and red !

Designer : Fulvio Bianconi
Manufacturer : Venini
Height : 9 3/4inch - 24.5cms
Designed 1951, Manufactured in the fifities Acid Signed « Venini Murano Italia » Provenance : Christies Collection Auguste Warnecke
Together with a matching vase available
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Very good vintage condition

Fulvio Bianconi
« A doppio Incalmo » vase
REF 1211_42
All photos are from Gilles van den Abeele for

Fulvio Bianconi

“Heaven help you if you start up with glass, if you do, it will never go out of you”

Fulvio Bianconi

Graphic artist, illustrator and later designer Fulvio Bianconi was born In Padue in 1915.
Fulvio has a strong predisposition for drawing and attended courses at the Academy of fine Arts in Venice. He lived from childhood in Venice itself.

In the middle of the thirties, he moved to Milan to work as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Bianconi had first contacts with Venini in 1946 when he was in charge to find a manufacture to produce Perfume bottles. He met then Poalo Venini and they built a very strong relationship.

It was the beginning of the fifties and the firms had to choice between starting new designs or continue to produce classic shapes.
Paolo and Fulvio decided to concentrate themselves on new designs…

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