Back (bottom) of the piece
Detail of the rim
Together with available Wirkkala vase from the same serie
reference 1412_25

« Pavone » bottle vase

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Rare vase
Perfect match with vase also available

Designer : Tapio Wirrkala
Manufacturer : Venini
Height : 11 3/4inch - 30cms
Designed around 1972, Manufactured in 1981
Signed with diamond point « venini italia tw 81»
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Excellent vintage condition

Tapio Wirkkala
A « Pavone » bottle (vase)
REF 1412_25
All photos copyright Gilles van den Abeele for Unforget.eu

Tapio Wirkkala 1915 – 1985

“All materials have their own, unwritten law,
one should never be violent with a material one is working on,
The designer should aim at being in harmony with the material he chooses.”

Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Veli Ilmari Wirkkala (1915 – 1985) sculptor and designer was a major figure of mid century Scandinavian Design.

Tapio is well known for his of design of glass (Venini, Iitala), jewelry, cutlery, wood carving and stone carving.

He also designed Finnish banknotes and the bottle for the Vodka of the company “Finlandia”.


Image courtesy Tapio Wirkkala foundation
"Bolle" Serie for Venini - Image courtesy Venini
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