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A macchie vase by Fulvio Bianconi – Venini Murano

Fulvio Bianconi

Vase in thick transparent glass, one side of the vase decorated with a “stain” forming an abstract design (macchie means stain in Italian), this stain is dark in color, on the other side, a stain of almost similar shape is present, it is straw-colored, and it is necessary to approach the object to notice it.
The design of the model, referenced in the Venini archives under the reference 4321 dates back to 1950, our example can be considered of the first production, we find period photos of the 25th Venice Biennale where a vase of the same model, single décor was exposed.
Certain copies with two spots are also referenced under the same number.
The vase is in very good condition, with the few scratches from use under the piece.
It also has scratches on one wall (the one with the straw “stain”) that do not alter its aesthetic in any way, we mention them by way of accuracy.
It bears the 3-line “venini murano ITALIA” acid stamp.
The series of macchie vases can be considered one of the most desirable series by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini.
The abstract decorations that the pieces in this series present bear witness to Fulvio Bianconi’s attachment to the Italian pictorial universe of the time and are the beginnings of a production that will later be more focused on the game and the use of colors.


You should know

Signed “venini murano ITALIA”.
Referenced under number 4321 in Venini archives.

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Fulvio Bianconi
Venini Murano

Height: 8.50 in. (21,5 cm)
Width: 4.50 in. (11,5 cm)
Depth: 2.50 in. (6,4 cm)
Weight: 880 g

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