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Amour, Délice, Orgue by Roger Capron – Glazed Ceramic Wall plaque – Capron Vallauris (France)


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Technical informations

Artist: Roger Capron Manufacturer: Capron Vallauris
Period: 1960-1969 You should know: Signed “R.Capron”
Height : 2/4 in. (1 cm)| Width : 13 in. (33 cm)| Length : 32 in. (81 cm)
Other information (if any):

About Amour, Délice, Orgue by Roger Capron

Glazed ceramic wall plaque with mat and shiny decoration in black, white, gray, blue and ox blood. 3 words are inscribed “Amour, Délice et Orgue” (Love, Delight and Organ). 

The 3 words Amour, Délice and Orgues are words that we could call "transgender", in French, these words are masculine in the singular and become feminine when they are put in the plural, they change gender. These are the only three words concerned by this particularity present in the French language.
Probably manufactured around the 1960s, the plaque is in excellent condition, it has a few small enamel breaks on the front face. 

It is signed R.CAPRON. This plaque is a unique work, it is accompanied by wall fixings accessories made later.