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Ref : UH04_23

Cucus chair by Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi

“Cucus”, chair from the “Domestic Animals” series by Andrea Branzi.
Chair in painted MDF (dark gray).
The backrest made of tree branches.
From a limited edition of 9 copies.
Our copy bearing number 2/9.

Andrea Branzi, one of Italy’s foremost designers and critics and Nicoletta Branzi, designer of limited edition art clothing for women, introduce the neoprimitive style under the generic title “Domestic Animals.” These mysterious creature-objects are oriented to domestic settings, intended to be used or worn, but they are also fetishistic and contemplative, arousing expectations that magic or tribal rituals are about to be performed.
Uniting precision of design with natural raw materials, these objects fashioned from tree trunks, sticks of wood and animal skins joined to steel “bamboo” rods and painted in bright, totemic colors fascinate us. Taken out of their wild settings and tamed by technology, “domestic animals” establish a loving relationship with man, sharing his most private space. We have not seen anything like them in the world of interior, furniture, or fashion design before.

IN “Domestic Animals“: The Neoprimitive style


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Lit. : Pierre Restany, “Animali domestici,” Domus, no. 667, December 1985, pp. 61-62 ;
Andrea Branzi, Domestic Animals: The Neoprimitive Style, London, 1987, n.p ;
Juli Capella and Quim Larrea, Designed by Architects in the 1980s, New York, 1988, p. 37.
From a limited edition of 9 copies.
Our copy bearing number 2/9.
Signed on the right side “Andrea Branzi 2/9”.
Good original condition, patina of use (marks on the seat and feet).

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Andrea Branzi

Height: 43 5/16 in. (110 cm)
Width: 19 11/16 in. (50 cm)
Depth: 19 11/16 in. (50 cm)
Seat height: 17 29/32 in. (45,5 cm)

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