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Fuochi iridati by Giorgio Vigna – blown glass sculpture/vase – Venini Murano – Italy


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Technical informations

Artist: Giorgio Vigna Manufacturer: Venini Murano
Period: 2000-2009

You should know: Signed with diamond pont “Venini Giorgio Vigna 2004”.
Bears the plastic label “VENINI”.
Very good condition.

Height: 6.25 in. (16 cm)| Width: 7 in. (18 cm)
Other information (if any):

About Fuochi Iridati Sculpture Vase

This blown-glass sculpture is made up of a slightly iridescent clear glass vase decorated with two flowers of different shape placed on copper stems. Each flower can be removed of the vase and arranged differently.
Giorgio Vigna is an Italian artist born in 1955 in Verona, Italy.
He imagined various sculptures, paper works, installations and jewellery.
Some of his works, mostly the ones that represent flowers in a vase, allowed him to try the combination of glass and copper out.This piece was produced in 2004 and is very rare.
It is signed with diamond point « venini Giorgio Vigna 2004 » and bears the plastic label « VENINI ».