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Richelieu (Opus 115) by Miguel Berrocal

Miguel Berrocal

6 500,00 €

Polished brass sculpture made up of 60 interlocking elements.
From a limited edition of 2000 copies.
Our copy bearing number 1066/2000.

Miguel Berrocal (1933-2006) was a renowned Spanish sculptor and artist celebrated for his intricate and innovative works. Born in Villanueva de Algaidas, Málaga, Berrocal was a pioneer in the creation of modular sculptures—artworks composed of multiple interlocking pieces that could be assembled and disassembled. His fascination with form, geometry, and engineering distinguished his creations from traditional sculpture.

Berrocal’s sculptures often resembled puzzles, inviting interaction and engagement from the viewer. Each piece was meticulously crafted, showcasing his exceptional skill in combining art and mechanical precision. Notable works include “Maria de la O,” “David,” and “Romeo and Juliet,” each demonstrating his ability to blend complex forms with a harmonious aesthetic.

His works were celebrated internationally, and Berrocal received numerous accolades throughout his career. He exhibited extensively in Europe, the United States, and Japan, leaving a lasting impact on the art world. Miguel Berrocal’s legacy continues to inspire contemporary artists, underscoring the enduring appeal of his unique approach to sculpture.


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From a limited edition of 2000 pieces in polished brass.
Our copy bearing number 1066/2000.
Signed and numbered on the “Berrocal” base “1066/2000”.
Artcurial, Paris. Private collection Paris.
Lit. : Antologica Berrocal (1955-1984), Gallego, Opus 115, ppg. 42-43, 146-147.
Very good original condition, patina of use.

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Miguel Berrocal
Miguel Berrocal
1968 - 1972

Height: 7 9/16 in. (19,2 cm)
Width: 4 27/32 in. (12,3 cm)
Depth: 4 59/64 in. (12,5 cm)

6 500,00€

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