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Ventaglio vase by Fulvio Bianconi – Venini Murano

Fulvio Bianconi

4 500,00 €

On the occasion of the 8th Milan Triennale, Paolo Venini asked Fulvio Bianconi to imagine some exclusively decorative pieces.
Bianconi presented a hat, shoes, hands and gloves, which became quite popular afterwards. This fan-shaped vase, which also recalls the lace work then very fashionable on the islands of Murano and Burano, comes from this series.
The vase has a clear glass foot, on which is melted a black base with white lines.
The whole is topped with a delicate work of multicoloured zanfirico glass whose movement is reminiscent of lace.
Referenced in the Venini archives under the reference 4327, the model was designed in 1950 and exhibited at the 25th Venice Biennale during the same year.
Our copy is in very good condition and is signed with the acid stamp on four lines “venini murano MADE IN ITALY” (“ITALY” is missing). It is a model with a typical “Bianconi” look (Year : 1950).


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Signature : 4 lines acid stamp ” venini murano MADE IN ITALY ” (ITALY marking missing)
An early example from the first period of the model in perfect execution

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Fulvio Bianconi
Venini Murano

Height: 9.50 in. (24 cm)
Diameter: 3 in. (7,5 cm)

4 500,00€

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