Born 1925
Lino Sabattini was a self-taught Italian silversmith and designer. He came from a modest family and began to take an interest in metalworking when he started working in a factory manufacturing copper elements during Second World War. 

 In 1955, he met Gio Ponti and opened his own workshop in Milan.  Ponti encouraged Lino Sabattini throughout his career through collaborations and numerous publications in the Domus review.  Between 1956 and 1963, Lino Sabattini was director of the “design” section of the French silversmith Christofle.  In 1964, Lino Sabattini opened his own factory called “Sabattini Argenteria”, located near Lake Como in Italy. 

Lino Sabattini
Sabbatini’s silver masterpieces are “impeccable pieces, made to satisfy my demanding eye and my judgment’s requirements.”