Founded in 1908

A brief history

Ernest Charles took over Maison Ullman, which was specialising in the reproduction of old lighting, and created Maison Charles in 1908 in Paris. In 1920, Emile Albert Charles took over the company. His brother Pierre joined him in 1932. 1959 was a historic turning point for Maison Charles. Jean and Jacques, Emile’s sons, joined the business. Both studied interior design.
Less than a year later, the father and his sons created the « Charles style », combining classicism and modernity. They created the lamps « Ananas » (Pineapple), « Pomme de Pin » (Pinecone), « Maïs » (Corn) and « Lotus ».
In 1965, the family created the « Inox » collection and the « Orgues » lamps which are now a flagship product. In 1971, Christyane Charles, Jean’s spouse, created the « Christyane » collection, inspired by plant patterns.
Maison Charles joined Comité Colbert in 1984. This committee rounds up the most renowned French artistic and creative companies.

Charles is still in business today, and in addition to the range of « historic » lights that have made the house’s reputation, they created a more « contemporary » range, as well as customised lights.

Our Maison Charles inventory

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