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Ref : G03_08

Africain by Line Vautrin – Light beige Talosel mirror inlaid with silver gray mirrors

Line Vautrin

Structure in beige Talosel.
The central convex witch is surrounded by 3 large rings decorated with mirrors.
The first ring decorated with 26 silver/grey mirrored triangles.
The second and third rings each decorated with 26 silver rectangles arranged in a staggered pattern.
The whole is finished with five large points in light beige Talosel.


You should know

A 15cm (6″) enlarged variation of the “classic” Tudor model and featuring 5 points instead of 7.
The model is also called “Africain”.
Very good vintage condition, back fabric in original beige color stained by time.
Accompanied by its certificate of authenticity issued by the Line Vautrin Committee.
Signed by scarification on the reverse “. LINE VAUTRIN.”, bears the ROI stamp.

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Line Vautrin
Line Vautrin
Circa 1960

Overall diameter: 24″51/64 (63cm)
Thickness of the talosel structure: 1″31/32 (5cm)
Diameter at sight of the central witch: 12″19/32 (32 cm)

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