Founded in 1295

A brief history

Barovier & Toso is one of the world’s oldest family-owned companies. It was founded in 1295, originally named “Barovier”.

It is likely that the first Barovier arrived in Murano in 1291. A republican law was imposing the establishment of all companies producing glass to be on the island, for safety reasons.

The first member of the family who started glass working is Jacobello, in 1925.
In the 15th century, Angelo Barovier spent his entire life on the island, imagining and creating. He laid the groundwork of the Dynasty of glass blowers.

The reputation of Barovier is mostly due to the creative genius Ercole Barovier (1889 – 1974), Benvenuto’s son who joined the company at the age of 30 and worked with his brother Nicol. He became the artistic director in 1926 and developed new techniques, such as the murrine work. Ercole brought a fresh perspective of glass work and turned the pieces coming out of the workshop into real art works.

In the mid-1950s, Barovier and SAIAR Ferro Toso joined forces and became Barovier & Toso.

Barovier e Toso is still in activity and now specialises in lighting design and production.

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