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La reconnaissance est la mémoire du coeur (Recognition is the memory of the heart) by Line Vautrin

Line Vautrin

La reconnaissance est la mémoire du coeur, gilt bronze box enhanced with enamel, by Line Vautrin.
Iconic gilded bronze box, the lid inscribed with the adage of Jean-Baptiste Massieu (1743-1818) “La reconnaissance est la mémoire du coeur” (Recognition is the memory of the heart).
The lid is entirely decorated with red, blue and white hot enamel.
Hearts drawn in the separations of the different words, a heart is also present in the letter “o” of the word “coeur”.
The interior is lined with cork.


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Lit. : Anne Bokelberg : Line Vautrin, Poesie in Metall, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, exhibition catalog 2003. p.82 – illustration p.83
Signed by stamping on the reverse “LINE VAUTRIN”
Very good condition with vintage patina

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Line Vautrin
Line Vautrin
Circa 1946

Height: 1 3/16 in. (3 cm)
Width: 3 35/64 in. (9 cm)
Depth: 5 5/16 in. (13,5 cm)

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